Residential Real Estate

Jenn Lizer, Kick-Ass Super Agent

When San Francisco had a problem, they’d contact Super Girl. When you need a real estate superhero, I’m here to answer the call.

Enlist a Super Agent in an Evolving Market During Uncertain Times…

The Portland real estate market could use a hero who utilizes passion, conviction, honesty, and integrity.

Right now, the median home value in Portland, OR is far higher than the county median home value — and around twice that of the national median home value. It’s no small wonder that you would want to maximize your end of the investment/opportunity when selling, buying, land lording, or investing in real estate.

Representing Your Interests in Heroic Fashion

Real estate is my superpower and I put my special skills and abilities to work for my clients. No matter what your origin story is, my goal is to be the superhero you turn to for any and all of your Portland real estate needs.

Faster than an invisible plane, I come to your aid to handle all of the ins and outs, to help rescue you from the pitfalls of a market that is in constant flux, and to make sure that you are the real winner in the end.

I like to believe “no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.

Industry Best Practices, Industry Best Connections

I’ve got a lot of super friends, too, leaders in the real estate industry at every stage in the game, connections that help me and my clients get the most out of every investment, saving time and money along the way.

I stand out and stand above run-of-the-mill real estate jokers by striving for “Super” in a world of ordinary folks, empowering my clients in ways that only a Super Realtor can. I’m here to save the day, the week, the month, and the year for you, so you can enjoy your life and your investment.

Whether it’s buyer/seller representation, landlord representation, or other real estate investment services you need, skip the Bat Signal and just give me a call today.